Disposable central venous kit

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Product information

For details of taboo content or precautions, please refer to the instruction manual

  • The single-use central venous kit is suitable for clinical departments and outpatient emergency departments, and is used for maintenance and dressing of patients with central venous catheters.

  • Disposable central venous kit record number: Su Jizhuzhun 20192141069

  • One-time use central vein kit/advertising review approval number: Su Jiguang Province (text) No. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Production license number: Su food and drug supervision equipment production permit No. 20180145

Comfiguration Model YDHY01 YDHY02 YDHY03 YDHY04
Square towel (50*50)±2cm  3 pieces  3 pieces  3 pieces  3 pieces
Disposable medical rubber examination gloves (without powder) M 1pair 1pair 1pair 1pair
Pulling tape (100*50)±10mm 1piece 1piece 1piece 1piece
White sticky transparent dressing (120*100)±10mm 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
Medical non-woven (80*80)±10mm 8  4 pieces  4 pieces  4 pieces  4 pieces
Alcohol swab / 3 root 6 root 3 root 6 root
Alcohol disinfection tablets (50*50)±2mm  3 pieces  3 pieces  3 pieces  3 pieces
Iodophor / 3 root 6 root 3 root 6 root
Body surface catheter fixing device D1 1 1 0 0
Plastic tray 200*135*20±5mm 1 1 1 1


It is used for maintenance and dressing care of central venous catheter (CVC), peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) and central venous infusion port (PORT) in clinical departments and outpatient departments of medical institutions.

Steps for usage

  1. Measuring arm circumference

  2. Shop spacer

  3. Disinfect the skin around the catheter to be dried

  4. Wear gloves

  5. Fixed catheter fixing device

  6. Paste transparent dressing

  7. Pull the tape to fix the catheter

  8. Disinfection catheter connector

  9. Mark the date and time, and fix the joint of the catheter by pulling the tape

Product description

The surgical square is made of SM non-woven fabric. After special equipment treatment, it can achieve anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, water-repellent and water-producing characteristics.  Compared with ordinary non-woven fabrics, it has the advantages of high strength, good filtration performance, no binder, non-toxic and so on.  Non-toxic and tasteless, it can effectively isolate bacteria.

We use povidone iodine for the iodine swab. The effective iodine concentration reaches 5%-10%, which has stronger sterilization power, lower toxicity, and almost no irritation and corrosiveness.

The self-adhesive transparent dressing uses 3M antibacterial transparent dressing, which is composed of a transparent dressing and a gel pad.  The gel pad contains 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (a bacteriostatic agent with broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activity).  The transparent film prevents external infections, including liquids, bacteria, viruses and fungi, and protects the puncture site.

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Disposable central venous kit

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