Skin Guard-Fixing dressing with tape

Why use it?

Current affairs background

During the epidemic, medical and security personnel in the frontline of epidemic prevention need to wear masks, goggles, protective screens and other protective equipment for a long time. The pressure causes bruising and damage to the facial skin, causing pain to the anti-epidemic soldiers and greatly increasing the risk of infection

Daily protection

In daily medical treatment, some patients need to wear oxygen masks, ventilators, etc. for a long time, which causes pressure damage to the bridge of the nose and facial skin and increases patient suffering.

Where does the injury come from

  • Ressure: Prolonged use of masks, goggles, protective screens, etc. causes direct pressure on the head and face skin

  • Shearing force and frictional force: the protruding parts that directly contact the protective equipment, such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, and behind the ears, have weak skin and are susceptible to shearing force and frictional force

  • Moisture: Wear protective equipment for a long time, it is easy to cause a lot of sweating or water vapor on the head and face, which causes the skin to be in a humid environment, which causes local skin tolerance to decrease

  • Allergies: Allergic to the materials of protective equipment such as masks and goggles


  • Skin-friendly: This product is made of hydrogel and medical foam. The skin-fitting part is made of hydrogel material. It is supple and smooth, and fits Q bomb firmly without causing skin damage or allergies.

  • Relief: The foam layer can buffer the squeeze on the skin and block friction

This product can effectively protect the skin contacted by facial masks and protective glasses, promote subcutaneous blood circulation, prevent deepening of injuries or secondary infections, and significantly improve the comfort of medical staff wearing medical protective gear for a long time

Models of the same type

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