The road to prevention and control

Outbreak report:

As of 24:00 on February 19, 2020, Wuxi had reported 55 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia and discharged 33 cases. A total of 1005 close contacts were tracked, 785 medical observations have been dismissed, and 220 are still undergoing medical observations.  .

Recently, the national epidemic prevention and control has achieved positive results. Jiangsu ushered in the first day of "zero addition" and Wuxi for three consecutive days of "zero addition".

This "war epidemic" achievement is worth celebrating

But the epidemic prevention and control work still cannot be taken lightly

At present, enterprises are resuming production

Various types of businesses gradually resume business

While the economic order is restored

We cooperate with prevention and control as always

Working together to minimize the risk of contracting diseases

As a member of the medical industry that actively takes social responsibility

Yunzhong Medical is still on the road to help prevent and control the epidemic

On February 19, we came to the 904 Hospital and donated materials such as sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, 75% disinfection alcohol and other materials totaling 60,000 yuan.

While promoting the resumption of production and production, and gradually restoring the order of production and operation, we have not forgotten our sense of social responsibility.  Let us work together and look forward to the season of recovery.