Resume work He is full of lofty ideals

This winter is destined to be extraordinary

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia

All walks of life join hands to fight the epidemic

Build a protective line to protect the health and safety of the people of the city

With the joint efforts of all parties

We will definitely be able to ride through the difficulties together!

In this spring season

Yunzhong Medical New Year's resumption of work has quietly kicked off

Under the situation of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic

We are more cautious

In the case of ensuring the safety and reliability of the resuming employees

Organize employees to orderly

Daily protection work such as body temperature measurement and mask issuance

And ensure the implementation of protective materials

Employees of the company have also joined the epidemic prevention and control activities

Clean the office area carefully and conscientiously

Don't miss every dead corner when disinfecting

As a member of society

At the same time, he is also a member of the medical industry

Yunzhong Medical will surely assume social responsibility

While contributing to epidemic prevention and control

Organize production and operation in an orderly manner

From now on, Yunzhong Medical officially starts construction

All Yun people will never forget their original intentions

Create love, spread love

Be a trusted brand in the industry