Put all together to overcome difficulties

together to build a strong backing

Go out less and gather less

Wash hands frequently


Wear a mask about hygiene

No panic, no rumors...

In order to respond to the requirements of the new coronavirus pneumonia protection, we who have been actively "houses" have already been familiar with the above formulas.  At the same time, there are still some people struggling to work on the front line, maintaining the smooth operation of the city and the safety of the people's lives.  they are:

  • Community volunteers who care about thousands of households

  • Bus driver walking on city road

  • Medical staff running against time and death

  • The City's Defense Line and Guards-Policemen on Duty

Frontline workers put their personal safety behind their heads, and they also need more help and care.  It is especially noteworthy that wearing a mask for a long time, especially the n95 mask, will definitely cause damage to the bridge of the nose, face and behind the ears.

Since Wuxi launched the first-level response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, Yunzhong Medical has actively responded to relevant deployments, raised resources, and made its best contribution to the epidemic prevention work.

On the morning of January 31, the leaders and employees of our company visited the front-line staff on duty at Wuxi East, Xiyi Expressway, 312 Luoshe Bayu, and Wuxi North Expressway, and donated Danish Kangle Hydrogel Dressing and our company's catheter fixed nose stickers.  And demonstrated the method of use on site.

Hydrocolloid dressings and catheter-fixed nasal patches can prevent pressure injuries caused by wearing masks for a long time

Our staff demonstrates how to use the dressing and nose patch on site

In assisting the prevention and control of new coronavirus epidemics, Yunzhong Medical will continue to respond to the call and contribute to becoming a strong member of the epidemic prevention work.

In every day in the future, Yunzhong Medical will always insist on creating love and spreading love, and implement the corporate social responsibility, and strive to become a company full of vitality and creativity and full of love.