Yunzhong Annual Meeting, Quit the old and welcome the new

At the end of the year, we look back at the past and look forward to the future. We have more emotions and stories, expectations and dreams. Yunzhong Medical 2020 Enterprise Annual Conference is solemnly launched at this joyful and peaceful moment.

Under the wise decision of the leaders, all the employees and partners of Yunzhong Medical only strive for the day, work hard, and cooperate together. Generations of Yun persevere perseveringly, creating gratifying achievements, and the horn on the new journey in 2020 has also been blown.  ring.

All the family members of Yunzhong are versatile and show their talents, and the colorful programs form a fun and gala party.

The hard work and attention-grabbing achievements of everyone, and the persistence and dedication of every employee in the company, are inseparable from the understanding and support of the family behind.

In addition to the Yun people who are standing on the front line of their posts, the children are also the angels of Yun Zhong and the hope of the future, which will definitely shine in the future life.

On this day of the past, we hold a cheerful and peaceful annual meeting to celebrate our performance and look forward to our future.

In the new year, we are more energetic and strive to be a dream catcher!

Yunzhong Medical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on medical device R&D, production and service.  If you are interested in surgical consumables and instruments, please consult the hotline: 400-807-7098.