Chinese Medical Association Beijing Branch Chest Annual Meeting

On November 30, 2019, the 11th Beijing Annual Conference on Thoracic Surgery was grandly held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel New Yunnan, Beijing. At the same time, the Capital Youth Forum and the Beijing Thoracic Surgery Nursing Annual Meeting were held. More than 850 people participated  The event.

The conference showed the fruitful achievements in the field of thoracic surgery in Beijing, and discussed the future development vision of the Beijing Thoracic Surgery Society, and established a closer cooperative relationship with the thoracic surgery branches of the provincial and municipal medical associations, so as to jointly promote the progress of thoracic surgery in China  And development.

Yunzhong Medical will participate in this annual meeting with special products such as incision dilator, linear cutting stapler for disposable endoscopic, disposable central venous kit, and retrieval bag.

The single-hole dilator is specially prepared for the mirror. During the operation, it saves the risk of opening a mirror hole in the patient for illumination, and reduces the pain of the patient after the operation.

Disposable linear cutting stapler for endoscopic is suitable for various open or minimally invasive surgery to perform transection, excision or anastomosis of tissue.

The single-use central venous kit is suitable for clinical departments and outpatient emergency departments, and is used for maintenance and dressing of patients with central venous catheters.

The disposable endoscopy specimen collection bag is used to collect human tissue specimens/foreign objects under clinical minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and take them out of the body.

Surgical instruments are one of our company's next key development projects, and will provide new ideas for the development of thoracic surgery and the progress of thoracoscope surgery.

Yunzhong Medical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on medical device R&D, production and service.  If you are interested in surgical consumables and instruments, please consult the hotline: 400-807-7098