Yunzhong Medical Classroom, Training on puncture device

On September 27, 2019, all employees of Yunzhong Medical participated in the training and examination on the production and inspection process of disposable laparoscopic trocars.

The disposable laparoscopic puncture device is used for puncturing the abdominal wall tissue of the human body during the laparoscopic examination and operation to establish a working channel for abdominal surgery.

In this training, the purpose of the puncture device, the composition of the accessories, the production and the inspection process were all introduced clearly.  Starting from the puncture device, all employees of the company have a comprehensive understanding of the company's products.

Employees fully understand the company's products, which is a necessary condition for the close cooperation of various departments and the smooth operation of the company. Afterwards, training on other products will also be put on the agenda, laying a solid foundation for the company's business development.

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