A case of knowledge training for catheter fixation products in a third-class Class A hospital in Jiangsu Province

Case name: A case of knowledge training for catheter fixation products in a third-class Class A hospital in Jiangsu Province

Cooperative products: catheter fixation

This time, our company was invited by a top three hospital in Jiangsu Province to conduct knowledge training on catheter fixation products for hospital nurses.  As one of the largest comprehensive hospitals in Jiangsu Province, the hospital's clinical medical technology departments are fully equipped, and the key departments have significant technical characteristics.  The hospital is responsible for the three central medical, teaching and scientific research tasks of the province, focusing on the construction of spiritual civilization. It has been rated as the advanced health collective of the Ministry of Health for many times, and has been rated as the provincial civilized unit in Jiangsu Province for many years.

The catheter fixation device products produced by our company can not only reduce the complications of intubation treatment and sutures, and the damage caused by repeated intubation to patients, but also prevent the occurrence of retrograde infections, and can also reduce the use of tapes and other nursing consumables.  , And reduce the workload of medical care, improve the efficiency of clinical care.

Through this training, the hospital's nurses understood and mastered the knowledge and usage of catheter fixation products, and expressed their recognition for the catheter fixation products produced by our company.  At present, the institute has further deepened the cooperation with our company.

Thank you very much for the hospital's trust in our company. Our company will always comply with the technical development requirements, develop new products according to the clinical situation, develop the company's core competitiveness, protect the life and health of patients, and contribute to the medical cause.

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