Shandong University Qilu Hospital surgical instrument application case

Case name:  Shandong University Qilu Hospital surgical instrument application case

Cooperation Brand: Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University

Customized products: surgical instruments

Qilu Hospital of Shandong University is a third-class first-class general hospital. It has 18 national key disciplines and key clinical specialty construction project disciplines. For many years, it has recognized the "Yun Medical" brand surgical instruments produced by our company.  On July 13, 2017, our company was invited to Qilu Hospital of Shandong University to observe the top-level thoracic surgery expert and director Tian Hui's single-hole esophagoscopic surgery.  Yunzhong Medical has once again closely connected with the clinic, and discussed with the industry professionally to develop the most suitable esophagoscopy equipment kit and its consumables for clinical use.

In the era of rapid development of medical technology, we can not only rely on closed doors to build cars. We need to meet the technical development requirements, develop new products based on clinical reality, and develop the company's core competitiveness to seek industry breakthroughs.

Yunzhong Medical's main products are: the company produces various minimally invasive and open general surgery instruments and various disposable medical consumables used in various surgical procedures.  If you want to purchase surgical instruments, the national purchase hotline: 18068250006