Application Case of Linear Cutting Stapler for Puncture and Disposable Endoscope

Disposable linear cutting stapler for endoscopic is suitable for a variety of open or minimally invasive surgery, for cross-cutting, excision or anastomosis of tissues. It is widely used in thoracic surgery, general surgery, urology, gynecology and obstetrics.  It has the characteristics of simplicity, flexibility and reliability, which can shorten the operation time, reduce the operation cost, effectively prevent leakage, reduce the pollution of the operation field, and guarantee the tissue suture.

One-time use of laparoscopic puncture device for laparoscopic examination and surgery, penetrate the full layer of the abdominal wall, establish a channel between the outside world and the abdominal cavity, and allow surgical instruments to enter the abdominal cavity through the trocar cannula, complete the surgical process and achieve the same as open surgery  purpose.  The puncture device produced by our company is safe, stable, reliable and airtight, which can reduce the occurrence of pierced hernia.

On the morning of May 30, 2019, our company's puncture device and linear cutting stapler for disposable endoscopes were tried in a top three hospital in Guizhou, and good feedback was obtained.

The trial proves that the puncture device and linear cutting stapler produced by our company are safe, reliable and controllable, which brings convenience to the doctor and reduces the risk of surgery and the occurrence of postoperative complications.

Thank you very much for the hospital's trust in our company. Our company will always meet the clinical needs, keep up with the pace of technological development and improve the company's products, in order to reduce pain for patients, bring health, reduce burden for doctors, bring convenience and medical technology progress.  Development and continuous efforts.

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