Application case of incision dilator for cesarean section in hospital obstetrics and gynecology

Case Name: Application Case of Disposable Incision Dilator for Cesarean Section in Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cooperative product: disposable incision dilator

The disposable incision dilator manufactured by our company has the exclusive advantages of stabilizing the function of surgical instruments, making the operation easier, protecting the incision, and retracting the incision without damage.  In addition, due to the unique design, our company's incision dilator products can meet the various needs of different operations in two materials and multiple models.

The incision dilator has a special model of amniotic fluid collection, nail milk and single hole specially developed to meet different surgical needs.

This week, our company's disposable incision dilator was tested in the cesarean section operation of the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department, and it received good feedback, proving that the product has important advantages such as full exposure of the surgical field of vision and prevention of endometrial displacement.  .

Thank you very much for the hospital's trust in our company. Our company will always comply with the technical development requirements and develop new products according to the clinical situation to meet the needs of different operations in various departments, protect the life and health of patients, contribute to the medical cause, and continuously enhance the company's  Core competitiveness.

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