Anyang City Cancer Hospital Surgery Department Meeting-Incision Fixer

Incisional infections are common iatrogenic infections. When surgical staff, patient skin, surgical instruments, dressings, supplies and disinfection and sterilization are not complete, they may spread microorganisms into the surgical field, causing infection and infection of surgical wounds.  Once incision infection occurs, it adversely affects the patient's prognosis, resulting in delayed healing of the incision, and even induces systemic infection, endangering the patient's life, increasing the patient's suffering and the economic and psychological burden of his family.  Therefore, it is very important to effectively protect the incision and avoid contamination during surgery.

Intraoperative bleeding and irrigation can easily cause the dressing around the incision to soak.  At present, sterile gauze is commonly used as a protective insulation in surgical operations, and its poor waterproof performance is easy to penetrate, causing the dressing around the incision to soak without protective barrier effect, but on the contrary, it has become a good culture medium for bacteria.  The incision fixer can well block the contact between the cutting edge and the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, effectively avoid the contamination of the cutting edge during operation, and has strong anti-permeability, effectively blocking the soaking of the dressing by blood and irrigation fluid.

In order to popularize the knowledge of the product of the incision fixer and reduce the concerns about the use of hospital products, the product manager of our company held an incision fixer department meeting at the Anyang Cancer Hospital in the morning of May 9.  Through on-site training for hospital directors, listening to clinical needs and the director's surgical operation ideas, to achieve product transformation for clinical patents.

 Through detailed and professional explanations and demonstrations by the product manager, the hospital director understood and mastered the product knowledge and usage of the incision fixer, and expressed his approval for the incision fixer produced by our company.


  • Heightening series: Extend the wound to the maximum extent, protect the incision 360 degrees

  • Fixed-height series: using high-tech materials to remove silicone sticky, smooth operation of surgical instruments in and out

  • Single-hole series: In endoscopic surgery, the endoscopic can be entered through a small hole, reducing the risk of opening another hole for entering the endoscopic hole

  • Nail milk series: specially developed for breast and thyroid, used for low fat layer surgery

In addition to being able to effectively protect the incision and reduce the postoperative infection rate, the "disposable cut fixator" also has the following functions:

  • Stable function of surgical instruments, simpler operation

  • Two or three instruments can be operated at the same time

  • Can be placed into more curved instruments

  • Can operate the organs outside the body

  • Single hole endoscopic surgery can be carried out

The function of retracting the incision without damage

  • Effectively reduce the size of the surgical incision, retract the wound to the greatest extent, and fully expose the surgical field of vision

  • Even tension on the incision to reduce tissue damage

  • Can effectively prevent bleeding of incision tissue

  • Avoid excessive pulling of metal retractors in the past and cause postoperative wound pain and congestion

Provide the most extensive clinical use

  • Unique design, two materials and multiple models, can meet the various needs of different operations

Thank you very much for the hospital's trust in our company. Our company will always comply with the technical development requirements, develop new products according to the clinical situation, develop the company's core competitiveness, protect the life and health of patients, and contribute to the medical cause.

Yunzhong Medical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and service of medical devices. The company adheres to the quality management policy of "establishing business with excellence and winning with quality".  If you are interested in the incision holder, please consult the hotline: 400-807-7098.